How Continental Beauty Is Impact the lives of Black Women

Many people believe that European women are some of the most beautiful in the world. These women have a wealth of top-notch aesthetic surgeries and elegance solutions in addition to their inevitably attractive features. These include liposuction, rhinoplasty, cosmetic surgeries, breast extension, and other procedures carried out in cutting-edge settings by extremely skilled physicians. It makes sense that more and more people are turning to Switzerland for these solutions given the rapid growth of the beauty sector.

For the beauty business, the past few years have been specifically significant. Beauty has continued to thrive despite the once-hot trades in fashion and even pleasure goods nevertheless cooling due to its desirability, margins, and resilience in the face of difficult sociopolitical and macroeconomic conditions.

Beauty is a simple method for comfort brands to gain market share, which is one of the reasons for this pattern. The category is an appealing opportunity for growth due to its enormous length, substantial profitability, and ongoing customer desire. The major leisure brands have taken notice, as Richemont announced in september 2023 that it will construct a Laboratoire de Haute Parfumerie et Beauté and Kering took charm in-house in February 2022.

Although Western standards of beauty properly appear admirable, they can be harmful to dark girls. According to research, black women’s institutionalization of European beauty standards—which is influenced by family, media, and peer norms—can have a significant negative impact on their course in life. These results include everything from self-perception to academic success, sexual orientation, and job prospects.

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